“Never stop discovering.”

– Kenneth Kao


Dr. Ken found pole dancing in September of 2012. He, like most of the public, assumed that pole dancing meant stripping. But after meeting an inspiring pole dancer, his paradigm was forced to flip on it’s head.

Coming from a conservative background, and being extremely shy, it wasn’t exactly the easiest move to find a pole studio that accepted men–and then train with this studio. However, he has never once looked back; life-changing is too light a description for how impactful pole dancing has been: emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

Physically, pole dancing is challenging, but mentally and artistically and personally, it entails baring one’s raw soul.

His desire is to share this incredible art form with as many people as he can, changing the world’s misconceptions about how inclusive pole dancing can be, and, using his background as a Chiropracter, a Parkour instructor, and a professional writer, he believes that he will give something unique to the community and the world.

Throughout his journeys, wherever they may take him, his hope is that he will never stop discovering who he is, and creating who he will be.

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